Facebook and Twitter Training in Hyderabad

Around 2 billion human beings use facebook each month. 1 of every five minutes that humans spend on mobile is on Facebook or Twitter.  Facebook Training in Hyderabad makes it clean that allows you to locate right human beings and get consequences.

Training on Facebook usage in Hyderabad become released in 2004, and its aim turned into to carry humans hook up with every other. As this connection grew, Facebook and Twitter Training in Hyderabad it realizes the extremely good opportunity to connect agencies with people. So it advanced as a organization through the years and has multiplied their advertising strategy.

Advanced Facebook Training in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad

Advanced Facebook Training in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad allows you power your enterprise effects with the those who remember to you. fb uses precise methods that will help you attain your commercial enterprise goals and connect to folks that rely. Social Media Training in Hyderabad It allows you to measure and optimize your investments at some stage in the acquisition funnel whether your aim is to attain new customers.

Facebook for Business Training Course & Workshop in Dilsukhnagar  Hyderabad for turning into an amazing marketer, you need to recognize which channel to get better effects. It’s very clean to seize up inside the hustle of whatever every other marketer is doing, whether it’s growing films, blogs, electronic mail advertising, search marketing, list-renting or search engine optimization, or bloodless-calling your prospects.

You can not do all well. You must pick which channel will come up with extra earnings, more visitors, and greater leads due to the fact in case you are giving a fragment of attempt on each platform, then the probabilities of getting a successful return becomes very less. beneath are the reasons why should you operate facebook to your enterprise.

Twitter Training in Hyderabad

Twitter Training in Hyderabad advent to Social Media and Twitter mainlywhat is Twitter and why has it emerge as the phenomenon it has Twitter and harnessing the potential of 'instantaneous' communique.
The ground guidelines the main do's and don't about creating a enterprise profile on Twitter.how it works - the fundamentalsthe way it works - the superior and little regarded functions
Etiquette on Advanced Twitter Training in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad Who to follow and why setting up and retaining fans using Twitter to build your brand Tweeting style and tailoring it for your organisation driving visitors in your patron website.

Training on Twitter usage in Hyderabad, changing fans behaviour thru Twitter Direct verbal exchange with your followers producing leads through Twitter for offline follow-up crucial third birthday party equipment and applications Twitter and felony implications enterprise on Twitter
Social Media Training in India on Twitter the arena in which you operate and Twitter tendencies attaining your corporation/agency dreams on Twitter electronic mail .

facebook and twitter  training in hyderabad


  • Insights and Targeting
  • Creative Development
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Reach and Frequency
  • Creating Your Page
  • The Facebook ad auction
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Twitter Ad-Types
  • Creating a Twitter Profile
  • Targeting an Audience
  • Creating an Campaign
  • Creating Promoted Tweets
  • Viewing Reports

Please contact on my mobile/Whatsapp 91-9032803895 / 09618939723 or Email at info@seoruchi.com . You can reach to on Skype at: purnendu_ranjan.

Facebook and Twitter Training

What I am going to get from this course ?

  • A detailed explanation of how to run Facebook Marketing.
  • Facebook Lead generation Techniques.
  • Analytics of Facebook AD conversions.
  • Tips to increase CTR in Facebook Ads.


  • Finding Target Audience using Specific Tools.
  • A/B Split Testing Facebook Ads.
  • Strategies which you will not get anywhere.
  • Answers to Every Doubt with a detailed explanation.

Who are the target audience ?

  • Small business owners who own a website or a blogger.
  • Marketers or Advertising Managers.
  • Everyone who want to expand their business to every corner of the world.

Introduction to Handstands

  • Welcome to the Course!
  • Course Introduction and Manual

Introduction to Facebook Advertising

  • What is Edge Rank ?
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads
  • Dos and Don'ts of Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Image Size Dimensions

Create an Facebook Fan Page

  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Optimizing Facebook Fan page


  • Optimizing Facebook Page settings


Knowing About Facebook Tools

  • Ads Manager vs. Power Editor
  • Creating Posts in Ads Manager
  • Creating Posts in Power Editor

Types of Facebook Ads (Beginner to Advanced )

  • Sponsored Stories
  • Right Side Ads
  • Mobile Ads vs. Desktop Ads
  • Lead Genearation Ads
  • Location Target Ads
  • Skyrocket App Installs
  • Get Video Views
  • Promote Your Page
  • FB Offer Ads
  • Boost your Posts
  • Increase conversions on your Website
  • Send People To your Website
  • Mobile Ads vs. Desktop Ads

Creating your first Campaign

  • Create Facebook Ad Campaigning
  • Creating Ad Set
  • Creating Ad Targeting
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Finding Similar Audiences to Target Facebook Ads


  • Promote Page likes/clicks using $0.01
  • How to Create Custom Audience
  • How To Create Conversion Pixel Tracking Code
  • Retargeting Facebook Ads


Advanced Facebook Advertising Strategies

  • What is Relevance Score?
  • 500+ Facebook Ads Templates


  • Spy on Competitors Ads using tools
  • Facebook Ads Reporting


  • Introduction to Microblogging & Twitter
  • Use for reputation, promotion, sales, conversing, listening, research
  • Business examples: E-commerce, Support (listening & responding), PR, Image
  • Tweeting (Responding to others, RT, HashTags, Direct Messages)
  • Ghost writers and the importance of disclosure


  • Twitter Account Promotion
  • Advertising – tweet for pay
  • Searching tweets and users
  • Twitter Demographics
  • Measuring Influence
  • Twitiquette
  • Who to follow
  • Twitter Lists
  • Tracking Code

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